We are global leaders in the secure and sustainable management of metals from industry, trade and the wider community.


About us

Reliable, Professional Industrial Demolitions


AMG primary service is to demolish and dismantle any size of industrial and commercial plants. Our team is dedicated to sustainability and ensure safety, quality and accountability standards across all our projects. Our clients can rest assure and rely on us to get their job done safely, with minimum impact in the environment.

  • Specializing in complex demolition and dismantling, sustainable disposal with a dedicated minor/major works team able to mobilize at short notice. Our dedicated and competent team here at AMG has a wealth of experience in the demolition industry. We implement proven procedures through a comprehensive consultation process to ensure they are effective and practical. AMG is a trustworthy company for all your demolition and dismantling projects.
  • We are global leaders in dismantling of Power plants, Desalination plants, Oil and Gas Refineries/ Rigs and Transformers Recycling.
  • We operate from over 8 sites spanning 5 countries, the business has over 18 years of experience in demolitions and also secure and sustainable management of metals from industry, trade and the wider community. We lead the way in technology development to achieve higher recycling and recovery rates.
  • Our understanding of petrochemical safety standards has helped us become the leader in demolition services in petrochemical plants.
Working With Excellence

Our scrap metal demolition services in Middle East also include ship breaking. We purchase old and used ships and its spare parts for recycling purposes.

  • Our experience ranges from removal of plant equipment and machinery to complex utility infrastructures AMG provides project planning, labor and lifting equipment.
  • Metal equipment is transported to a AMG metal yard for processing and recycling.
  • AMG also specialize in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling and IT and computer refurbishment, reuse and recycling.

When it comes to demolishing factories and industrial buildings used as oil refineries, chemical facilities and manufacturing plants, we understand the surgical approach required to safely demolish and dismantle these buildings. We have also been involved in processing and removing high voltage electrical towers located on various sites including crown land.

Regardless of what kind of industrial demolition work you require, you can be sure our approaches are systemic, detailed and controlled. We can also ensure the site is clean and free of hazardous materials once the work is completed. We also ensure the surrounding areas and habitats remain intact and minimize any impact on flora and fauna.

We are a platinum member of BMR