We are global leaders in the secure and sustainable management of metals from industry, trade and the wider community.


Dismantling / Demolition

Reliable, Professional Industrial Demolitions


When it comes to demolishing factories and industrial buildings used as oil refineries, chemical facilities and manufacturing plants, we understand the surgical approach required to safely demolish and dismantle these buildings. We have also been involved in processing and removing high voltage electrical towers.

Regardless of what kind of industrial demolition work you require, you can be sure our approaches are systemic, detailed and controlled. We can ensure the site is clean and free of hazardous materials once the work is completed. We also ensure the surrounding areas and habitats remain intact and minimise any impact on flora and fauna.


Plant Demolition / Dismantling


Oil and Gas


Safety is sacrosanct

When it comes to demolition AMG is known to be the professional service provider with utmost safety precautions and damage control. We pay attention to detail to ensure that your project is done in compliance with environmental and safety standards. We make sure the demolition projects go smoothly and safely, keeping in mind the safety of everyone, including our men at work.

Safety is number one in all projects, safety requirements, regulations and specifications are adhered to will protect both the people on the project and the integrity of our work. Not only do we have a legal obligation to ensure that our work is carried out in a safe environment, but we also have a moral obligation to ensure that all our employees return home safely every day, and that our work do not effect or cause harm to our sub-contractors.


Demolition & Reinstatement

With the mechanism of our cutting-edge machinery and tools we are eligible to execute any size of demolition, dismantling and destruction service. We can carefully and safely remove them from your site. The next step is to sort and prepare them for scrapping and recycling. We do it all.

We are happy to offer comprehensive metal scrap demolition services, including the removal of installations and reinstatement works.

We are experts in factory reinstatement and removal of installations, existing production lines, and unapproved structures, among others. Our job does not end at demolition and reinstatement. We go a step further and clean up the mess before handing over the site to the owner.

Proper Documentation Submission

Our high level of understanding in the safety requirement and proper documentation submission in petrochemical processing plants gives us an edge over the competition. Our understanding of petrochemical safety standards has helped us become the leader in demolition services in fields like oil and gas, Ship Wreck, plant dismantling etc.

Facilities Including

  • 01
    Oil Refineries
  • 02
    Gas Processing Plants
  • 03
    Petrochemical Plants
  • 04
    Power Generation Plants
  • 05
    Storage & Distribution Terminals
  • 06
    Metals Smelters and Foundries
  • 07
    Power Generation Plants