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Reliable, Professional Industrial Demolitions

Safety Compliance

AMG has a commitment to our clients and to our employees to provide a safe work environment and equip them with the tools and equipment to keep them safe on the jobsite. We have daily safety meetings with our employees on the job site to address any and all safety/environmental issues that apply are location specific.

Demolition is the dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any building or structure or any part thereof. Demolition work involves many of the hazards associated with construction. However, demolition involves additional hazards due to unknown factors which makes demolition work particularly dangerous To combat these, we make sure our staff at a demolition worksite is fully aware of the hazards they may encounter and the safety precautions they must take to protect themselves and their surroundings. We do not only provide PPE. We make sure our staff is trained on the selection, use, fitting, inspection, maintenance, and storage of PPE.

Safety is the foundation of our business. It starts with personal safety awareness and leadership that results in overall improved health and safety performance. Safety isn’t just something we do, it’s rooted in our culture.

Controls Measures

  • 01
    Risk Assessment
    must be carried out regularly by the competent and experienced team. Staff connected with the operation must be trained with safe systems of work, importance and usage of PPE, demolishing plan, sequence of operation, hazardous material handling and disposal, operation methodology and emergency response plan before and during the operation.
  • 02
    must be provided before and during the operation to the staff connected with the operation on safe systems of work, importance and usage of PPE, demolishing plan, sequence of operation, emergency response plan, hazardous material handling and disposal.
  • 03
    Restricted Area
    is one of the most important aspect in these types of hazardous operations. People must be segregated from the caution zone by deploying watchmen, by creating the buffer zone and site hoardings around the demolition area.
  • 04
    must be carried out by qualified and authorized person. Continuous monitoring by the competent and experienced engineer/team will reduce the probability of things from becoming worse.
  • 05
    Advanced Technology
    in demolition is very limited but can be used effectively wherever applicable, like demolishing the building or any structure in reverse order of construction. Can install some temporary props to the adjacent structures to support the unstable structures.
  • 06
    must be adapted to make surroundings as safe as possible like removal of debris as it is the most commonly found waste in the demolition operation. Housekeeping prevents the undesired floors/walls collapsing.
  • 07
    Lighting and Ventilation
    must be adequately provided by the building owner/contractor in the worksite as there are not only trip hazards but also material fall hazards associated in the demolition work. There must be natural and as well as artificial lighting inside the worksite.
  • 08
    Personal Protective Equipment
    like safety helmets, gloves, goggles, boots, safety belts and respiratory mask are to be supplied by the owner for all the workers who are about to take part in the demolition work.
  • 09
    Emergency Equipment
    like fire hose reel, fire extinguisher, first aid box, and other should be provided at ease access to the workers.
  • 10
    Environment Pollution
    must be in high priority since the demolition operation deals with the high concentrations of noise and dust pollution hazards. There should be a lot of care required not only in breaking of walls or structures but should also be careful in material lowering.
  • 11
    Rules and Regulations
    During the demolition operation, all the applicable statutory rules and regulations must be adapted and followed accordingly.
  • 12
    must be given to owner of the building or the contractor to provide protection against all kinds of damages that occur to environment, people’s health and property during demolition.

Points to be included in demolition during planning

  • Location of the building to be demolished.
  • Time duration required for the completion of demolition operation
  • Type of the building structure
  • Ground properties
  • Adjacent buildings and its strength
  • Procedure/Sequence of the demolition operation
  • Equipment requires for demolishing
  • Method of handling hazardous materials if any
  • Method of handling final debris